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Trademark is the registration system par excellence of distinctive signs, whether solely a name, logo or even a 3D shape. By registering a trademark, the holder obtains the exclusive right to use the distinctive design on protected products for a period of ten years within the Spanish territory. Protect your reputation and do not let anyone take advantage of you without your consent. Trust R. VOLART PONS Y CIA, S.L. as your industrial property advisor.

Our winery entrusted the management of the registration, renewal and maintenance of brands at Volartpons. Peers told us good service and the truth is that they are very professional in their work. Antonio Ariarte.

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He cost real of registration of a mark is the cost of record more the cost of the title (see rate current). There are no additional costs over the 10 years of the term of the registration. A time after this period is proceed to the renewal that has some costs similar.

It is worth mentioning that they may arise additional costs caused by a suspended by opposition, i.e., that the trademark application has stalled because a third party has invoked its earlier right on the mark to be registered. In this case if you want to argue if there really is the earlier right must pay the cost of answering opposition (see current rate).
No there is no cost of maintenance.

Not. There are different types of brands main; the word marks, graphics, and the mixed.

(a) the marks are exclusively composed of a combination of letters and numbers. Thus it is protecting the denomination itself, and consequently any representation of this name. This type of registration, is recommended provided that there is no similar earlier trade marks, since it offers greater protection.

(b) the marks graphic are composed exclusively of elements graphics, i.e. that not contain any denomination. This type of trademark protects exclusively the graphic.

(c) mixed marks are composed of one or more names elements together with one or more graphic items. This type of trademark protects the whole, i.e., the combination of the denominative element with graphic. A second level protection that protects the denomination if one as well as another that protects the graph if only emerges from this primary protection. This record type is recommended if there are similar earlier trade marks.

As is known the registration of brands and its consequent right exclusive on the brand not is global but is limited not only by the territory (e.g. brand Spanish) but by them products or services that is want to protect.

In this sense in the moment of the registration of a mark is must choose in what products or services is wants to get the right of mark. Products and services are sorted into classes in a classification, accepted worldwide, called the Nice Classification. To determine in what class or classes are classified them products or services desired are can use the following search of classes.

To know in that class are classified your activity click here.

The protection of a mark ends when in the time of the renewal (10 years from the date of presentation), this not is performed.

The registration of marks is valid for a period of 10 years renewable indefinitely. Yes you It has the trademark in R. VOLART PONS Y CIA we we'll notify you in due time to proceed with the renovation of its brand.
To renew its brand click here.

It should be added that the date of filing of a trademark in any country opens up a six-month period to claim the right of priority in any country in the world. If is claimed priority the date of presentation is establishes in the date of presentation of the brand main (which first is registration)

It is provided that in the event that a mark ceases to be used for a period of more than five years, another person interested in taking over the brand could request its cancellation through the courts. Therefore it is necessary to always have some document to hand that can prove that it uses the distinctive, and prevent that the  trade mark nullify.

R. VOLART PONS Y CIA, we are not different by low prices, but rather by a superior service quality. However, in cases where the volume of records is considerable we are open to negotiate a scaling of prices.

The report prior is valid in territory Spanish since only reports of them marks registered in Spain, already is by via national, community and international.


The report prior can be partially valid for the applications of a trademark in a european union.

In a couple of days the applicant receives the report in advance together with the recommendation in writing of any amendments necessary so that the trademark application receives the minimum of oppositions.

While there are free trademarks locators, found only identical trademarks. I.e. similar brands do not appear even when these are which generally present opposition to the trademark applications.