How to patent your idea?

Only through the patent of your idea can get the right of exclusive about the same. For patenting your idea you should prepare a series of documentation (memory, claims, drawings) following the formalism established by the administration. Your idea will be patented only if it meets these Formalisms and of course meets the requirements of novelty, inventive step and industrial application. Let us help you prepare all the necessary documentation to patent your idea. Fill in the form or simply call us at the 933182440.

The ideas are patentable if they meet certain requirements. The first is that the idea is new; that does not exist of way identical. The second that that the idea be inventive; that not is obvious as regards which already exists (remember that the obvious is relative by what an idea simple can be inventive / not obvious). The third is the idea to have industrial application; It can be done and is not an abstract idea.

Patents must be drafted very well because otherwise the idea is showing without obtaining the protection one wants. In other words the preparation and filing of a patent a professional be performed to ensure that you get the greatest possible protection.

Patents are territorial rights so it must protect the idea through the registration of a patent in all countries where protection is desired. Usually starts the protection at the national level and it is growing depending if the idea succeeds commercially.

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