European Community Trademark Registration

The European Community trademark is one of the most efficient ways to protect a trademark. Through a single registration of a European Community trademark, the holder gains protection for his/her trademark in the 28 countries of the European Union. The cost of the European Community trademark is significantly lower than the cost of trademark registration in more than two countries of the European Union, meaning that if a holder wishes to have protection in more than one European country, the European Community trademark is the form of protection that should be chosen. European Community trademarks enable you to protect any type of distinctive sign, whether it is solely a name, logo or even a 3D shape. By registering a trademark, the holder obtains the exclusive right to use the distinctive design on protected products for a period of ten years within Spanish territory. Our experience is proof that at Volart Pons we can help you register your trademark.

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  • I had no idea about the registration of trademarks and the lawyer who attended me was extremely friendly and explained to me in detail the entire process of registration.
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