Efficient Management of Trademark Portfolios

Thanks to its years of experience and motivation, R. VOLART PONS Y CIA offers to study your portfolio of registrations free of charge, identifying, for example, duplicate work in order to help you save on the costs of registration and maintenance of patents and trademarks (with about 20 to 40% of cost savings for industrial property). We use the following strategy when carrying out this study. We group together identical or nearly identical trademarks that have been registered in all countries in order to easily detect if there are duplicate registrations.
It is important to remember that at this point, duplicate works in the same registry (for example, two identical or nearly identical Spanish trademarks) as well as duplicate works in different registries (for example a European Community trademark extends beyond the protection offered by an identical or nearly identical Spanish trademark) can be found.
Lastly, we will study the possibility of extending international trademarks to the countries where you have registered national trademarks in order to reduce their maintenance costs.
To offer you a complete study, we would need access to a complete list of your registrations, which can be easily obtained from your industrial property agents.

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