Collaboration with consultants / agencies / lawyers

If you are an advisory / consultancy / law firm needs an agent of patents and trademarks to help manage these services and to resolve any support that the customer has. Our office can provide any type of service in this field thus initiating a close and profitable collaboration for both offices. Our strong points are the professionalism; We are exclusively dedicated to industrial property, the proximity; do not hesitate to visit free of charge the customer in their offices if desired speed; We handle trademark registers on the same day and experience; 100 years of existence guarantee and recognize our work of high quality. Used to work as suppliers, our way of working is highly efficient; We offer complete, up-to-date and accessible information from the internet of each of the records. Also if you have a portfolio of trademarks and patents in another agency and decide to work with us the change is immediate and free. Contact us to set up a meeting.

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